Sisters of the North Sea

Yonder was born out of a love being in the ocean, surfing and a desire to take control of my life and work. Surfing has been such a huge part of my life for years and I look at places with a strong sense of community and burgeoning female surf scenes and it’s exciting. In fact, there are so many women now who are taking steps to create communities around the things they love across the world, like our good friends VC London, Days on the Dirt, Wonderful Wild Women in the Lake District to name a small few.

The positive response to Yonder from women in the UK has been pretty overwhelming over the past few months and I really feel that there is something special happening in the North East with regards to female surfing. Through starting the school I have already met so many amazing women of all ages, abilities, shapes, sizes, nationalities and professions that I would not have met otherwise and now these women are contacting each other, sharing surfs and stories. I wanted to introduce you all to just a few of the women that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting recently through Yonder. Every single one of them was truly stoked to experience the beauty of the North Sea, they have showed resilience and maintained the ability to laugh at themselves, encourage each other and simply have fun.

Here they are, at least a few of the Sisters of the North Sea.

This is an ongoing series of genuine, honest portraits of UK female surfers straight out of the sea. This is what we look like.

For now, Yonder (as a surf school) is on a bit of a winter hiatus while I surf in Bali and New Zealand with my family but be sure to sign up to the mailing list and WhatsApp broadcast to receive first alerts for lessons when I am back.

Thanks ladies!