We have a base in Tynemouth, just a stones' throw from Longsands beach, but our motorhome makes for a great mobile base to take our lessons up and down the North East coast, and offers changing facilities and a nice, warm cup of tea. 

Our clients are both women who are absolute beginners and those looking to progress and improve their surfing.  

Generally, lessons will take place on Tynemouth Longsands but if the conditions are better elsewhere, we can pre-arrange a different location. If you would like lessons in Northumberland or elsewhere in the North East, get in touch and we can discuss the best option. 


Private one-to-one beginner surf lesson -
All equipment included

£45 for 1.5 hours

Or book 5 lessons for £210


Private group lesson - 2 hours
Minimum of two, maximum of six women 

2 PEOPLE - £40 PP
3 PEOPLE - £35 PP
4 PEOPLE - £30 PP
5 PEOPLE - £28 PP
6 PEOPLE - £25 PP


Private one-to-one improver lesson -
Using own equipment 

£40 for 1.5 hours

Using Yonder improver equipment (fibreglass boards)

£45 for 1.5 hours

Weekly open group sessions - 2 hours. 

Join our WhatsApp Broadcast to find out each week when sessions will run. 

Beginner sessions: All equipment provided £25

Improver session: all equipment provided £25

Improver session: Own equipment £25