Yonder 7'6 Mini Mal Surfboard

Yonder 7'6 Mini Mal Surfboard

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Designed and Shaped in the North East by K&K Surfboards, these fully custom Mini Mals are designed as the perfect entry point into surfing hard boards and progressing in the waves.

The design is a Classic mini Mal template with thruster set-up with three FCSii fins included. The full outline ensures easy paddling for early wave entry but the board is designed with girls in mind; moving the foam slightly away from the rails for a easier manoeuvrability for lighter or smaller surfers. That being said, each board is a custom size for the individual ordering making the board perfect for your size, shape, ability and style.

One of the most common issues I see when teaching improver surfers is the use of an incorrect board. The wrong board holds people back immeasurably so we set out to design a board that we believe is the perfect design.

One to one improver sessions are usually taught on a Yonder Mini Mal and they are also available on camps and weekends.

If you would like to order a Mini Mal online with us, please note that there will be some consultation to design the board and the price may vary depending on colour choice and design by a small amount. Turnaround for the fully custom build process is usually 3-4 weeks.

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