Yonder aims to bring small groups of like minded ladies together for surf camps that are focussed around progression of surfing. We work with first time surfers and improvers to deliver camps in the North East, North Yorkshire, Devon and in December 2019 our first trip to Morocco.


There are some key differences between the camps we offer and other experiences available.

  • Sally McGee, surfer of 13 years and ASI instructor organises, hosts and teaches the lessons herself. She runs a successful surf school in Tynemouth year round and has a great reputation and teaching style specific to Yonder.

  • The group sizes are small. We only sell six tickets per camp; we offer an exclusive opportunity to a small group of women in order to really focus on progression. The camps sell out within minutes.

  • We offer photo feedback - co-founder of Yonder Tom Bing is a professional photographer who provides this service and documents the trips - adding to the growing archive of photography and video media.